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by Survey Land July 05, 2019

EatontheMove Survey – Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card from the SSP Sweepstakes

Do you travel a lot with SSP America Airlines? Or love to have food while traveling. EatontheMove is a food supplier with an airline company. It has issued the customer satisfaction survey which talks about how did you find the Eat on the Move today. The survey revolves all around your experience with the Eat on the Move.

We have also talked about the Eat On the Move Survey or the SSP Customer Feedback Survey. However, some are confused with the survey. Both are the same survey which might be referred by different names. If you have been invited to provide how you felt today you can reach out the web portal of the Eat On the Move and complete the survey. Read on for information related to the survey.

What is the Eat on the Move Survey?

Hello folks! Are you still confused about the Eat on the Move Survey? If yes then we are here to provide a complete explanation. It is a legal online survey issued and backed by the SSP America Airline Company. It works in association with the Eat On the Move. It supplies food in the airlines as well as International Airports.

The survey is followed by an SSP Sweepstakes program which features a reward of a $500 Amazon Gift Card. You can answer the survey questions to enter the sweepstakes and earn the reward. The survey questions are easy as they simply revolve around your experience with the food provider.

What all Do You Need for the Eat on the Move Survey?

  • Valid SSP Receipt– To begin with the survey you will be required to upload a picture of your receipt. Hence, the receipt is important.
  • Internet Connected Device– Ensure that your smartphone or computer has an active internet connection so that you can easily go ahead with the survey.
  • Phone Number & Email– For taking the survey you should have a phone number and email in order to sign up in the sweepstakes.
  • Be at Least 18 Years – The individual must be a legal resident and have completed at least 18 years of age.

How to Take the Eat on the Move Survey

  • If you are eligible to take the EatontheMove Survey you need to open the survey website. www.eatonthemove.com
  • You will find a new webpage labeled ‘tell the Eat on the Move how did they do today’.


  • The user will be required to type in the following data:
  1. Select the Store you visited
  2. Date and time of visit
  3. Your satisfaction level
  4. Upload the image of your receipt
  • Click on the next button and complete the survey questionnaire.

What is the Reward of the Eat on the Move Survey?

The EatontheMove Survey offers the customers a reward of $500 Amazon Gift Card. You can later redeem the gift card on the e-commerce website.

What is the Qualification of the Sweepstakes

To successful enter the sweepstakes you should meet the following requirements. Once you abide by the rules of the survey you can get a chance to win the reward.

Pass the Age Limit– You should be above the minimum age requirement which is 18 years to take the survey.

Complete all the Survey Questions– You should answer all the survey questions to complete it and enter the $500 sweepstakes.

Obey the Rules of the Survey– The individual should abide by the survey rules in order to enter the sweepstakes or redeem the reward.

SSP America, Inc. Company Overview

SSP America Inc. is an Airline company which works in collaboration with the Eat On the Move. The Eat on the Move is a food store which offers food on the go and even on the international airports. SSP America is a company with operates airports concessions. They offer beverages, gift retail facilities and new to the customers.

The company is operational since 1986 and is popular with its host services. You can find the services pretty interesting.

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How to Contact SSP America?

If you wish to get in touch with SSP America then you can find many ways.

SSP America, Inc. Phone Number

You can call on 703-723-7235.

SSP America, Inc. Fax Number

You could also send a fax at 703-723-7235.


We wish that we have provided complete information on the EatontheMove Survey. You can find the sweepstakes information and reward details of the survey.



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