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Perkins Restaurant Survey

Take Part In The Perkins Survey And Win 10% off coupon 

About The Official Perkins Survey: 

Perkins wants to get a clear picture of how a customer perceives a brand. Prompted feedback is information provided by consumers regarding whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with Perkin’s products and services. Perkins finds its opinions and reviews pretty important. The Official Perkins Survey ensures every customer out there can share honest feedback. The survey covers a lot of ground. You shall be guided regarding the survey below. 

Eligibility Criteria Of The Official Perkins Survey: 

  • Only legal U.S. residents are eligible for the survey. 
  • You should be above 18 years of age to participate in the Perkins survey. 
  • Employees of its own are not eligible for the survey. 
  • You require a receipt from Perkins from your last visit. 
  • The method of the survey is online. 
  • Purchase is required to be eligible for the survey. 
  • There is a limit of entry into the survey, that is, 1 coupon per month. 
  • After receiving the bill, take the survey within 3 days. 

General Rules Of The Official Perkins Survey: 

  • It is necessary to keep the receipt safely until you participate online. 
  • Please take note that the survey is valid at participating locations only.  
  • Do not combine this offer with any other. 
  • The survey is deemed void if copied or transferred. 
  • You should know that the survey is void wherever restricted by law. 

How To Take Part In The Official Perkins Survey: 

  • Visit the website www.perkinsexperiencesurvey.com
  • You will be thanked for contacting Perkins. 
  • Kindly enter your feedback. 
  • Please click on the link provided. 
  • Please select your preferred option. 
  • Click “Next” to continue. 

Perkins Restaurant Survey

  • Keep following the directions and you will reach the end of the survey. 

Prize For The Official Perkins Survey: 

If you become the lucky winner of the Official Perkins survey, you get – 

  • 10% off coupon 

*The coupon cannot be applied with items such as Bakery to go, 55+ menu, or the famous Kid’s menu. 

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Overview Of Perkins: 

Did you know that the first Perkins was actually called “Pancake House”? it is said that when everyone is looking for gold in a gold rush, it is better to stand at the side of the road and sell shovels. Matt and Ivan Perkins made a big mistake of actually trying to dig in the gold rush in Alaska. To their utter astonishment, they did not find any gold! However, we would love to say that they did find a different kind of gold, the pancake gold. This they did while they were visiting Mississippi. They happened to see the door line to a restaurant known as Smitty’s pancake house. 

Matt spoke to Smitty and cracked a deal to obtain a secret pancake recipe. Hence, he could utilize that to open restaurants to the East of the Mississippi. The Perkins brothers opened their very first restaurant utilizing Smitty’s golden pancake recipe in Cincinatti, Ohio, in 1958. In 1978, Perkins began a marketing campaign where they actually changed the name to Perkins Cake. This is how they bought to light the fact that they sold more than just pancakes. 


For feedback and suggestions, visit https://www.perkinsrestaurants.com/feedback/ 

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