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Join The Good Housekeeping Sweepstakes To Win A Trip To Kalahari Resorts

The first magazine publication of Good housekeeping magazine was on 2 May 1885, and it has its entire course of, 4,336,711. The magazine is controlled by, Hearst Communications and its dependent on, New York City, New York, U.S. Great Housekeeping magazine has a month to month recurrence.

Good Housekeeping is back at it again with another sweepstake. As usual, the magazine will enable members to get a free issue when they join at the online section page (simply as they did with the Retreat Woman’s Day Sweepstakes). So as to enlist, members must give a name, email address, and address. Be that as it may, before the member taps the Submit button they should choose whether or not they wish to join to get uncommon offers and limits from Kalahari Resorts. The individuals who are uncertain about pursuing the offers can discover how Kalahari Resorts utilizes information by tapping the Privacy Policy connect.

About Kalahari Resorts Good Housekeeping Sweepstake

  • The sweepstakes runs for 2 months from March first, 2019 through April 30th
  • An arbitrary drawing on May first, 2019 will choose the champ of the prize excursion
  • The complete Approximate Retail Value of the prize excursion comes to $5,885
  • Whoever wins the prize will have a decision between 3 unique goals
  • The excursion incorporates lodging for the champ and up to 5 visitors

The members who don’t need a free magazine can look at the fitting box before filling the section structure. Be that as it may, members should reconsider before they settle on this choice as there is just 1 section for every individual (no renewed opportunities to get the free magazine offer). In the meantime, the individuals who settle on the free issue will have the chance to get a year’s membership for 64%, not exactly the magazine kiosk cost.

At last, the winner of the excursion will get noticed inside one month from the finish of the sweepstakes. If the winner doesn’t react to the notification inside 5 business days, the sweepstakes will pick another winner.

Benefits of Good Housekeeping Kalahari resort sweepstakes

  • Four days three nights stay in Wisconsin Dells
  • Get entry to largest indoor waterpark
  • You will get free activity passes to FlowRider lessons, mermaid lessons, arcade cards, beverage and food credits
  • Four days of cabana rental and spa gift card
  • $1000 cost of transportation cost
  • You will also get one-year free Good housekeeping subscription

Rules for Kalahari Resorts Housekeeping sweepstake

  • It’s worth referenced that the name of the Grand Prize winner is open.
  • So as to get this information, individuals must send a formed sales to the Sponsor of the sweepstakes.
  • The journey joins lodging for the winner and up to 3 members
  • Whoever wins will get notice inside multi month from the latest day of the sweepstakes
  • The sweepstakes just allows 1 section for every person
  • The winner will give up the prize if they don’t respond to see inside 5 business days
  • If a prize is surrendered another winner will be looked over the certified areas


Taking the Good Housekeeping Kalahari resorts sweepstake

To start you need to visit the site, KalahariResorts.GoodHousekeeping.com

Here, at the middle right of the page type,

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country:Email:
  • Email address
  • Birthdate
  • Specify would you like to receive special offers, information and discounts by email from The Kalahari resorts and convention?

Good Housekeeping Kalahari Resort Sweepstakes

  • Then, click on, ‘Submit’ in blue from the bottom.

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Customer help

If you are looking for further assistance, you can dial the numbers, 087-405-2221. Or you can send a mail to, Hearst Communications, Inc. 300 W. 57th Street. New York, NY 10019.

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